Tax Clerk is responsible for every kind of tax collection.The house tax and water revenue is realized from private properties and service charges from the Govt. properties. The taxes are imposed on the “Annual Value” (Assessment).

Rate of Tax

  1. House Tax – 12.5% of Annual value
  2. Water Tax – 12.5% of Annual value.

– Section 60 of Cantts Act.

Functions Of Tax & Revenue Branch :-

  1. To deal with entire establishment cases such as appointment, disciplinary cases, service matters, revision of pay scale and correspondance to Command Headquarters/governments.
  2. To deal with all types of payment made to contractors, suppliers and employess of cantonment board.
  3. It deal with receiving of material and recording of receipts, issue of storage items to the departments, arranging inspection and proper storage and preservation of receipts and preparation of various reports.
  4. It deals with all the Correspondence/ Communications after making entries with particulars of subject.


Mrs. Uma Thakur (Tax Clerk), Tel. No. : 266152 (O)